the creation studio

the creation studio

it’s the place where the story takes place – from draft to craft.

starting with a blank page where the creator stephan pelger lays down his vision, a complex process of crafting transfers this vision into a masterpiece.

ready-to-wear collections are brought to life here, waiting to turn a woman’s look into hypnotizing personality. also, our handcrafters team creates timeless-bespoke pieces, customizing even more a woman’s personality and look.

and with every written page, a new vision is turned from draft to craft into the million-compliment look.

Stephan Pelger
the story.
started in 1998, it’s focused on finesse and admiration, power of attraction and self-confidence. a story about crafting the woman’s personality in exquisitely goods that mesmerize details and attributes, not just looks.

the man behind the story.
stephan pelger. it may seem to be the author, but he is the relater who draws, through his talent and vision, the author personality to outline the ideal affair about modern sensibility.

the author. the woman.
unimpressed by the perfection platitudes. she rather goes for her personality and self-confidence.